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Stunning Landscape

Creating a beautiful landscape is easy when you enhance the project with vibrant, high-quality mulch. Just follow these steps to start your mulch project today.


Choose your mulch

Examine your project and select the appropriate mulch. Determine the type of mulch, color, and where you will purchase it from. Read more


Calculate amount of mulch needed

Using the square footage of your project area and the desired thickness, calculate how many cubic yards of mulch you will need.


To Get Your Supplies

While mulching is a fairly simple process, the right tools such as weed tarp, wheelbarrow, and transfer shovel will make the job go faster.


Create a Lawn your Neighbors will Envy

Elevate your outdoor space and polish off your landscaping beds with a beautiful mulch. Then enjoy it all summer long with friends and family.







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Mulch elevates the appearance of your landscaping beds. With colors ranging from natural to black, red, and brown, you can choose a mulch that complements your home’s exterior.
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In addition to improving the overall appearance of your landscape beds, mulch also provides other benefits. These include retaining soil moisture, preventing weeds, and encouraging healthy plant growth.
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With many options to choose from and the ability to place bulk orders, mulch is affordable on any budget. Mulch can also be applied by the average homeowner so there is no need to hire a professional.
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With a variety of colors available and the ability to provide numerous benefits to your plants, trees, and flowers, mulch is worth the investment. There is also little to no maintenance required, so simply lay the mulch and enjoy.

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Perfect Landscape

Summarize the top things to keep in mind when starting this type of project Before starting your landscaping or garden project, be sure to consider the following:


Designing your landscaping beds is exciting, but be sure to select a mulch color that complements your home’s exterior.


Depending on the size of your project, laying mulch can take anywhere from a couple hours to an entire weekend.


Start by removing the old layer of mulch. Then, evenly spread your new layer of mulch between 2” and 4” thick.


The cost for your project depends on how much mulch your project requires. You also need to consider delivery rates and tools required for DIY.


You will need some basic equipment to tackle a DIY mulch project. This list includes gloves, a shovel, rake, and wheelbarrow.


A new layer of mulch should be applied at least once a year. In cases of extreme weather, you may need to add a thin layer to replenish what’s been lost.



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What are the different types of mulch available?
What makes for good mulch?
Do I need to mulch every year?
Can I install mulch on my own or should I hire a professional landscaper?
How thick should I make the layer of mulch?
How do I calculate how much mulch I need for my project?
Is there a type of mulch that is safe to use on playgrounds and around children?
What equipment do I need to lay mulch?

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